Terms & Conditions

Application submittals begin 9/28/20 and end 11/1/20.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the MASK UP LEBANON website. Your access to and use of the MASK UP LEBANON website is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms.

This application is for the Lebanon County CARES Act MASK UP LEBANON Campaign.

Organizations must be located within Lebanon County.

Vendors must be located within Lebanon County.

Limit of one entry per physical location of organization. One award per EIN or SSN.

Organizations must have a representative that is 18 years of age or older.

All submittals will be reviewed and you will be notified if approved.

If you are submitting a concept, Brand Style Guide must be strictly adhered to.

If applicable, applicant is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of MASK UP LEBANON signage.

Sign should be displayed at least through December 31, 2020.

These rules apply to all competitions, prize draws, promotions, giveaways and suchlike that are promoted on and run through the MASK UP LEBANON website or social media channels.

Proof of completed project necessary for payment of funds. Proof of completion requires submission of photograph depicting finished project. MASK UP LEBANON will have unlimited use of content uploaded in application for this grant, including photos, logos and copy.

Applicant has fully complied with, and will fully comply with, all federal, state and local laws, regulations and orders applicable to this submittal and applicable to Applicant’s business, assets and/or operations, and the Applicant is not currently under investigation with respect to any violation of, or other failure to comply with, any such applicable law or regulation. No funds will be used for any purpose or in any manner that violates federal, state or local laws or regulations. All funds will be utilized for purposes consistent with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”). This includes following all emergency orders and operational restrictions under the Governor’s reopening plan.

As a condition of Applicant’s submission of the Application and receipt of any funds made available under the MASK UP LEBANON campaign, the Applicant hereby releases the County of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, their respective partners, designees and affiliates in facilitating and administering this benefit program and their respective Board of Commissioners, Boards of Directors, officers, employees, representatives, volunteers and committees of and from any claims and/or causes of action of any kind or type arising from or out of (a) their receipt and review of the Application, (b) the administration of the Program and/or distribution or delivery of the funds available under the Program, (c) the funds received by the Applicant, and (d) any other matter or thing related to the Program.

In submitting this application, Applicant acknowledges and agrees that it will make no reference to, or disparaging comment about, the agreement between the County of Lebanon and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In the event of a breach of this provision, Applicant shall be in breach of its agreement with County, if approved, and will forfeit any right to payment for any goods or services provided by Applicant.

All organizations will receive a 1099 for tax purposes.

Any offer is for a limited time, and is intended for qualified applicants.

Certain restrictions apply.

All rights reserved.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Copyright 2020.

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